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Enjoy projects that are always completed early and under budget.

Brillist's software is a "power tool" for project management, finding optimized schedules to save you time, money, and stress. Using our software can add up to 12.5% to your project's profitability. We've worked on over $800M of projects for 24 customers in manufacturing and construction, from Fortune 500 multinationals to local, family-owned fabricators and contractors.

Trusted by customers across sizes and industries

Serving manufacturing, construction, and professional services firms.



Save between 5.7% and 25% of your project's labor, equipment rental, and overhead costs.
Enjoy finishing your projects up to 25% early.
Our customers tell us we’re good to work with and that we deliver valuable results.

“[Brillist] enables us to manage our costs better, making us very cost competitive in the marketplace. [Brillist] consistently adds new capabilities that have further improved our performance. Their staff is very knowledgeable and their customer service is excellent.”

“[Brillist] reduced our planned duration from 12 months to 9 months. We received excellent value when we needed it most.”

“[Brillist] really shines. They really improve our
productivity. We intend to use their services on all our

Same project scope with much better time and cost results

Your project, completed much better, with less uncertainty and stress. Either license our software, or we take care of your scheduling for you. Being proactive really helps. The earlier you call us, the more we can do for you!


Deliver projects early

We have saved our customers up to 25% of their project timeline. That means finishing a 12-month project in 9 months, or a 5-month project in 4 months. If a project is running late, our software gets it back on track and even done early.


Reduce project costs

Brillist computes out how to finish the same scope of work with the most efficient use of your non-material resources - labor, equipment rental, overheads. Keep more money in your pocket. Enjoy greater margins and higher cost competitiveness.


Work happier

Know how the project will finish. Take the conflict out of change orders because you can quantify the effect of changes to the penny. See how alternate future universes will turn out, to make the best business and operational decisions.

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